Products and services

  • What we can do for you

    EFG Bank (Cayman) offers a full range of banking, investment and fiduciary services, including:

    • Fixed term deposits in all major currencies
    • Foreign exchange transactions
    • Lending facilities
    • Discretionary investment management services
    • Experienced investment specialists focused on active fixed Income Mandates
    • Team of professionals focused on servicing the Captive Insurance Industry
    • Trade execution
    • Global custody
    • Trustee services
    • Company incorporation and administration
    • Mutual Fund administration, provided by EFG affiliate

    Clients are also able to draw on the international network and resources of EFG International. This gives them access to wider opportunities in Europe, the Americas, Asia and other regions.

    We simplify complexity for you. This is especially important when it comes to selecting the right products for your solution.

    The investment world is full of noise, with a bewildering array of managers, products and services.

    Your CRO, supported by EFG specialists, acts as an intelligent filter: seeking out quality, and pulling it together. Ensuring it is complementary, and right for you.

  • Private banking

    We offer a range of banking and cash management services, delivered through a relationship with a private banker. These include:

    • Current accounts in multiple currencies
    • Fixed term deposits in all major currencies
    • Payments
    • Safe custody
    • Foreign exchange services

    We also offer a range of financing facilities which can be used to help construct an investment portfolio. They are secured by the lending value of clients' diversified portfolios of liquid, marketable collateral such as cash, bonds, shares and funds. The two main types of facility are:

    • Overdrafts: Current account overdrafts are available to cover short-term financing requirements, with an interest rate based on prevailing market rates
    • Fixed Advances: We offer loans fixed for a period of 1-12 months, with an interest rate based on Libor and fixed for the specified period. Such loans can be renewed on a rolling basis

    We also issue bank guarantees on behalf of our clients in favour of third parties, and provide credit facilities to cover the writing of foreign exchange forward contracts as well as foreign exchange or equity options.

  • Trust services

    A range of trust and fiduciary services

    We offer a range of trust and fiduciary services to individuals, families and corporations with over US$ 1 million to invest. We specialise in the creation and administration of trusts, companies, foundations, investment funds and private trust companies.

    We have strong expertise in this area, and are fully licensed under the Banks and Trust Companies Law. In addition, we are able to offer fiduciary services from affiliated EFG entities in The Bahamas, Jersey and Singapore.

    To find out more about our fiduciary services, visit the Wealth Solutions page of the EFG International website.

  • Fund administration (provided by EFG Affiliate)

    EFG Bank (Cayman) can arrange for full accounting and administration support for offshore investment funds. This usually includes:

    • Maintenance of accounting records, calculation of the net asset value of shares (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)
    • Calculation of all fees, expenses and disbursements
    • Preparation of financial statements and reports (in any currency needed)
    • Working with the external auditors in preparing the audited financials for the fund

    To find out more about our fund administration services, visit the Wealth Solutions page of the EFG International website.

  • Discretionary investment management

    EFG Bank (Cayman) specialises in the management of internationally based investment portfolios, following a highly refined investment process, combining in-house asset allocation skills with the selection of leading external investment managers.

    Our products and services have been specifically designed with the aim of ensuring that clients gain the maximum benefit from a combination of our own asset allocation skills and the stock selection skills of leading external investment managers.

    Working with best in class providers for the benefit of our clients is fundamental to our strategy. By utilising third party providers EFGAM is able to focus specifically on macro and client-level asset allocation, supported by best in class manager and product selection.

  • Trading

    EFG Bank (Cayman) has one of the region’s leading trading units. We are able to trade liquid assets for our clients in most global jurisdictions. Our primary goal is best execution for our clients, irrespective of asset class or where the trade takes place.